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sleepy princess jungkook

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[FLASH] #PrayForThePhilippines Flash Project



On November 8, 2013, the supertyphoon Yolanda ripped through the Philippines as the most devastating natural disaster in Philippines’ history. 

There are more than a thousand people dead and millions are injured and displaced from their homes, without any basic supplies such as food, shelter, and clean water. 

We ask today for fans to help the victims in the Philippines by donating to YG Princes. We in turn, will be donating to the Philippines Red Cross in the name of WINNER and Team B. 

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b&w colorings; Rapmon - GEEK Magazine

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j-hope reveals v’s little secret during the “of course” game

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b&w colorings; J-Hope - GEEK Magazine

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b&w colorings; Bangtan - GEEK Magazine 

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The story about how Kim Namjoon totally gives up when Bangtan is asked to do Random Play Dance.

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